День второй, 2 декабря


Начало второго дня XXIX Московской Международной Молодежной Модели ООН запомнилось участникам мероприятия доработкой принятых вчера резолюций. Перед началом второго заседания ЭКОСОС ученики обсуждали возможные поправки в официальный документ. Например, делегация Судана предлагает: «Сделать больше финансовых  курсов в школах». Когда президиум объявил о начале создания правок, зал погрузился в раздумья. Постепенно Модель ООН превращалась в огромный полуживой барельеф, наполненный озадаченными лицами. Вдруг президиум ЭКОСОСа.  призывом выступить делегации со своими идеями разрушил уже привычную для всех картину заседания. Первыми отважились выступить делегаты из Уругвая. За ними потянулись к трибуне представители других стран. Работа закипела!

Пискунов Данила
Школа «Свиблово»



Our impressions of the days in ECOSOC 2018

This year the XXIX Moscow Model UN is taking place. We, students of the 11 form of Moscow International School, present the delegation of Germany in ECOSOC.

The agenda of the session, promotion of international cooperation to combat illicit flows in order to foster sustainable development, was rather difficult and wide, but very interesting. During the preparation we have learnt a lot of useful information and vocabulary, delve into the economic situation and positions of other countries on this .

On the 1st of December the delegations of 19 countries presented their projects and made their speeches. The delegates were very clever and kind, we made friends with many of them and formed a coalition. It was a nice experience to cooperate with students who had broaden horizons, we were describing difficult means of the solution to the problem, trying to find proper ways which would be suitable for the countries of the global community. I would like to mention the delegations of France, Uruguay, Venezuela and Andorra. Those guys are so amazing!

The process of writing the working paper also was very fascinating and educational. It lasted for almost an hour and a half, but it didn’t seem that long. We were so enthralled.

The resolution of our coalition was  successfully passed.

We are very happy that we took part in such a wonderful, exciting and interesting activity!


Rakovitsa Katya
Lebedev Denis
Moscow International School



Summing up

I took and interview from the representative of Uruguay.

Int.: Is it your first experience in participating this UN Model?

Del.: Yes, it is my first conference,  I’m strongly impressed with the organization of the event. Everybody was friendly and I felt the specific atmosphere. I’m grateful to Mr President, Vice President and experts, they were encouraging and willing to help. Thank to them, I got rid of the embarrassment and stress.

Int.: Was it useful for you?

Del.: Sure! During this role-play my head was full of thoughts about my future career. I think this conference gave me a push and I became more confident in it.

Int.: Do you mean that you want to connect your future profession with international relations?

Del.: Yes, I want to enter the Moscow State University of International Affairs or other university with international field.

Int.: What job would you like to have after graduation?

Del.: I can’t say exactly what my future job will be. But I want to work for an international company.

Int.: Was this UN Model difficult for you, or not?

Del.: I’ve got some difficulties, but I’m improving. I don’t know many aspects and lack professional vocabulary. I’ve learned a lot of new facts and interesting theories. I can say that Russia has got a huge potential, as it is rich in ambitions and promising young people.

Int.: What about conference in Moscow State University of International Affairs University, will you take part in it?

Del.: Yes, I want to take part in it because there will be a lot of foreigners there and I want to talk with native speakers, explore their culture, learn more about their traditions make new friends.

Int.: Are you satisfied with the final result?

Del.: I’m satisfied, but next time I want to do more, I will be more active and I’ll try my best to develop speaking skills. Now I’ve made new friends with both students from Moscow Universities and  I’ve also met people from different Russian cities.



Признание в любви

В этой Модели ООН я участвую второй раз, но уже могу признаться ей в любви. В России проводится большое количество мероприятий для школьников и студентов, и Модель – одна из них.

Хочется отметить небывалую активность ребят и их настоящую заинтересованность в совместном решении проблем. Я присутствовала во всех четырех комитетах и хочу отдельно упомянуть экономический и социальный совет. Ребята пришли к консенсусу и проявили качества настоящих делегатов. Как стороннему наблюдателю мне было приятно следить за ходом их конференции. Там царила совершенно особенная атмосфера, сложились дружественные отношения между делегатами и президентом, вице-президентом и экспертом ООН. Все поправки и предложения принимались почти единогласно, не было участников, которые просто хотели отсидеться и пойти по домам. По завершении работы самым активным ребятам, представляющим Уругвай, Андорру и Германию подарили флаги Организации Объединенных Наций.

К тому же у ЭКОСОСа есть замечательная традиция: участники обменялись впечатлениями и добрыми пожеланиями, потому что стали одной большой и дружной семьей.

Кузнецова Алиса



Here is an interview taken from Andorra’s delegates, who solve the problem of illegal financial streams. The aim of the Economic and Social Council is to provide stable countries’ development by international cooperation.

Int.: Have you ever taken part in the UN Model before?

Del.: Well, it’s my third time as a participant of the Model. I’ve been to a UNSECO Model and a NATO Model. All those events had quite urgent topics on the agenda, as well as this one. Now I’m in the Economic and Social Council.

Int.: What do you expect from this day?

Del.: This is the second day of the Model, so we are discussing our resolution, we are improving it introducing different amendments. I expected the debates to be harsh, but to our surprise, all our amendments have been approved by other members of the committee. So, the expectations turned to be a little bit different from the reality.

Int.: What is your opinion on this topic?

Del.: We’d like to say that it’s a global problem of well-developed countries, because thay have to control a great amount of money and different processes between the counties. We discussed the ways of solving this burning issue. We had harsh discussions – everyone had his own opinion. We found a solution through international collaboration. Because only together we could cope with that problem.

Int.: Do you consider it to be an eternal problem or a very urgent present day question?

Del.:  I think, the more a country develops, the more problems it acquires. So, nowadays, I suppose, we have much more problems than we used to have 50 or 70 years ago. All in all, this is the main issue of our time.

Int.: have you got any new experience yet? And will it be helpful to you in the future occupation?

Del.: Yes, this event is closely connected with my future job, because it deals with economic problems. I’m really interested in this issue.  So it’s a first step to my adult life as I’m going to enter Moscow State University of International Affairs.

Shumilova Ksenia

School №654