Today all the countries have prepared various materials on the ECOSO’s agenda. Many proposals have been discussed. Many important and relevant problems such as poverty, pollution and economic decline have been covered. Many delegates spoke for the countries they introduced. The most remarkable were

  • India whose delegate spoke about necessary assistance from other countries;
  • China who spoke about their economic overheating and the problem of overpopulation;
  • Canada which spoke about poverty allevitation.

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Reporting from ECOSOC

Now it is ECOSOC conference. From my point of view, the  most active countries are India, Lebanon and the Russian Federation. All the participants are very well prepared. I would like to note in particular the statements of  Brazil, Cyprus, France, Bulgaria, because of their cooperation between 2 representatives of each country. All the speakers seem to be confident too.

Ekaterina Kotreleva
School № 1504