Совет безопасности

День перый, 1 декабря


We interviewed Pavel Nikitin the US delegate to the the Security Council

Pavel, what’s happening in the Security Council now?

This year we are tring to resolve the situation in Somalia. The war there has been taking place for more than 30 years. So, it’s really challenging for us to find a solution to the problem. My colleague Gleb Kazartsev and I are the representatives of the USA. It’s really hard to find a co-decision with other countries. There’s China, there’s Russia, there’re superpowers, so we find it difficult to reach an agreement at the moment. At the moment we are working on a resolution, by the end of the day it will have been finished and and I hope by the end of the second day all the countries will be satisfied with the results of the work.

Why is there a conflict in Somalia?

There is a war between the rаdical Islamists and the official government of the country. Many countries and especially the USA are tring to solve it. There were some rules, but they didn’t help. And now we’re trying to find out the ways to solve this problem. For example, during our meeting we were discussing a new сommittee, that will control the borders between Somalia and other nearby countries. There were many efficient ideas, and it is great, that all the delegates are interested  in solving this problem.

Why is the USA interested in this problem?

The USA is a country that is intent on establishing the human rights of people all over the world. Especially in Africa, where those rights are often endangered. And that’s the idea that we should implement. I think, that the countries of European Union will agree with us. We’re only doing it for half a day, and I hope that tomorrow we will come to a final compromise.

Arina Tsyplakova and Caroline Zaguzova
Moscow International School